Magic Lemur Productions

… is an independent studio for visual content creation founded by Enikő Edelsbrunner.

Today, short videos play a vital role in multi-platform marketing. We believe that every company has its own unique story and approach to products. Our goal is to tell this story and the passion behind it with captivating videos that fit into your existing branding style. Our creations are high-end, modern, and engaging.

While being based in Austria, we provide services worldwide.

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Magic Lemur

About me

I was always fascinated by films: how they convey feelings and tell stories seemingly without effort by choosing angles, movements, lights, colors, and sound. By now I have learned how much effort it is to look effortless.

While I had a strong interest in photography and cinematography early on, I pursued my other passion which led me to the academic path of a mathematician working in evolutionary biology.

Indeed, the most important prerequisites, both to science and filmmaking, are curiosity, careful planning, and precise execution. There is always the right narrative to be discovered, striking a balance between the excitement of the big picture and the fragile beauty of details. While the technical skills are different in research and in video creation, the cornerstones are shared: humility in the face of existing knowledge, lifelong learning, the mastering of technology, and the sensitivity for trends.

If you are interested in my work, send me an e-mail and let’s explore how I can help.

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